Few new as at 16 may 2013

Centre Report l

Alhamd….we have managed to get organized for the admission / hospitalization for umbilical operation of this boy who studies at our Shia Madrassah, and poor and abandoned child. Insh…tomorrow he will be operated, and we have been lucky to choose a good and our friend doctor for his operation. Yesterday

Visit Old Aged People

Disabled Help Report l

Today 4th May 2013, we small group arranged to visit „old aged peoples‟ home‟ and „disabled children. And Alhamd….we managed to visit them. This round trip is about 60 Kms.

We had taken with us biscuits, juice bottles, laundry soap pc and t-shirts. Infact we didn‟t have an idea of how many would be there and in what conditions.