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Yourkindselves can also contact either by phone call or Whatsapp : Mob. +255 784 750199

Alhamd…. We are going slowly but with your kind support, we feel much better that means at least we are able to do something to help poor families that have orphan and abandoned children, widows and HIV patients.

Helping poorest families with ration packages / basket

To be frank, it‟s not a joke about their conditions. They need weekly assistance inorder to eat at least something fine so as to meet health challenges.

And this is only possible if yourkindselves can help at least US $ 10 only or more. We can give them sugar, rice, beans, wheat flour, maize flour, a pct of iodized salt, a pct of tea leaves, dagaa ( dried small fishes ), a pc of bathing soap and for washing clothes, a toothpaste. Etc

This way we can save them a lot. Since we get very little help, we have selected at least 10 families who are in real problem condition ( though many are there ) i.e. worst condition than others.

The day I felt crying :

Few ladies united to bring few zawadi ( gifts ) to me which I did not accept in the beginning but finally had to accept with strong NO for next time. It reminded me that when people asked our Holy Prophet s.a.w.w. that what should they pay for all that he did for them. In reply our Holy Prophet s.w.w.w. told them that he didn‟t need anything from them Jazaa wala Shakura.

We too are doing everything Fi Sabilillah.

Lady with both legs gangrene :

The day we went to find this lady in her village, she is not seen, it‟s said that they have taken her to Uganda to traditional healers. Insh… we have kept our people who will alert us once she is seen and we shall Insh…. help her in whatever condition she will be and at last will help her with 2 artificial legs and shoes that will help at least walk otherwise she will have to crawl.

Updates on little baby of 9 yrs :

Just few days ago we helped that little angel, otherwise she would have been amputed twice or thrice or …..

While here in Bukoba and without our help in time, what could have happened to her…. Can anyone guess ?

Her mother cries everytime we talk to her and only and only Duas are on her lips.

She doesn‟t cry on her daughter‟s condition….. but for our help in time….. what if you people would have not helped her in time…. Especially when I didn‟t have even money to buy panadol for my little piece of my heart.

One of our friends advised us not to put some type of photos which are disturbing, but we are indeed very very sorry to put them. Believe us, our own selves don‟t feel comfortable when we see such photos, but we have to show so that our Momineen Elders, brothers and sisters can see for themselves the true condition of a patient we are requesting assistance.

Latest news :

This baby has shown very good signs of improvements. Infact if she had come to the specialists earlier, her leg would have not been amputed.

There is flesh covering her knee bones which were open as we saw in our last newsletters.

From Doctors :

On 1st April 2015 she underwent cross-thighs flap with left thigh donating a flap to the right knee disarticulation flap.

She will be with 2 legs attached up to 3 weeks, we have agreed that if she stabilizes she can return to Bukoba, and this detachment can be done in Bukoba.

We were 3 surgeons operating, she was doing well after surgery when we left at 11 pm, and she was on blood transfusion.

Hope she will be fine in about 2 to 3 days.

Our response :

First of all we thanked this team of surgeons who did their best level to help and save this little girl.

We advised them to keep this girl and her mother for these 3 weeks as its high risk to send her back to Bukoba where there is no even emergency medical facilities.

She should leave hospital when she has totally recovered and proper skin has fully grown on her knee.

The only thing that should remain is an artificial leg with a pair of shoes to be ordered at Kagondo Mission Hospital.

What does it mean….?

All these details tell us that we need more funds to meet her treatment.

All these treatments are done by private surgeons / specialists and in private hospital. Also overstaying at hospital is also costly and food etc.

Latest photos :




Today she is like this 2 legs in 1:


This girl’s sister school assistance :

Insh….. We will help her sister as soon as school reopens on 8th April 2015 after these Easter Holidays.

Now she will not be sacked from school. She will be able to sit for National Final Exams of O-Level and will get her School Leaving Certificate.

What she said :

Our mother used to do any casual work she got like sweeping, washing at homes of people. And due to this problem of my younger sister, she will have to be with her most of the time, we will face very tough time ahead even food and rent will be in great problems.

I am an orphan child. This year soon after my Final National Exams, I kindly request yourkindselves to help me at least I do computer and Secretarial courses. This will make me support my mother and my younger sister.

On inquiring full Courses with Certificate can cost upto approximately US $ 750 and for period of not less than 6 months in a good and reputable College.

Soon after completion she will get a very good job with a good salary which will change her family‟s condition to best one.

Therefore please kindly lets consider this too, if possible we can help her inorder to support her family.

Meat distribution 3rd April 2015

Today Alhamd….. We distributed meat to many poor families who had nothing to say except AHSANTUM AND JAZAK….. AHSANUL JAZAA FIDDUNYA WAL AAKHERA. AMEEN.

Your given goats for Sadqa etc is distributed to them and nothing remains.

Everything, right from the beginning till end, is done under our own supervision and our own involvement. We don‟t just give orders or directive to anybody. It‟s teamwork.

Each goat costs US $ 40 inclusive of everything.



“Only a beggar knows the value of food.” Those who cannot afford to buy meat, can tell you how they are thankful.


We would like to draw your kind attention that the Holy month of Ramadhaan al Mubarak 2015 is just approaching us, and we have less than 100 days.

Therefore please lets kindly start our Spiritual and physical preparations.

Without forgetting poor ( children and families ), abandoned ( children and women ) and Orphans ( single or both parents ).

We should start to give out financial assistance for them so that we can help them food ration baskets / packages ( rice, sugar, beans, wheat flour, maize flour, cooking oil, dagaa, iodized salt, tea leaves, soap. And if we get more funds we can add some milk powder ).

We can also give them meat and used clothes to both adults and children.

Indeed these are few among many best actions especially during the Holy month.

We will insh…. send you Sermon of our Holy Prophet s.a.w.w.


Since are going to start this School with Special Coaching Classes and Madrassah.

We need also Madrassah books to start with syllabus till they reach the age of 18 yrs when they will be qualified as Muballighs as they will know much of Religions in Fiqh, Akhlaq, History and Qur‟an.

We urgently need to buy at least 300 copies of books i.e. Akhlaq, Fiqh, History and Quran from Dsm at the cost of each 3.7 US $ each set of 4 subject.

Therefore please kindly help us use these books. These books are one of the best books.

Helping School students :

We hope all of us become very happy when we help these school students with school bags, stationeries, uniform, etc.

School Construction Updates as at 3rd April 2015:

Alhamd…. School work is going fine BUT we need your kind assistance. Soon we are going to stop work because of lack of funds. We need assistance in this Construction time and desks, cupboards etc. please kindly invest in this noble and Thawab-e-Jaariya project.