Recitation of Qur’an-e-Sharif:

For the Esal-e-Thawaab of our Marhumeen, We indeed love and care even for our Marhumeen and do remember them. What Marhumeen need is Thawaab, and everybody can afford to gift them with at least 1 complete Qur’an recitation either once a month or yearly.

Qadhaa Namaaz:

Of our Marhumeen.

Sawm (Fast):

Fidiat-ta’am and we distribute items to needy among our African Shia / Sheikhs.

Mahe Ramadhaan:

Ration packages for Iftaar and Sehri and Eid gift to poor, abandoned or orphan children.


Hajj or Umra and Ziyarat.


Goat or feeding poor by giving ration packs to poor, abandoned and orphans ( widow ladies ) and families.


For Sadqah, Qurbani, Kaffarah or for any intention / occasion.


We also help these poor people at times of needed medical assistance.


All from Primary, Secondary and High School. We give them school bags, exercise books, stationeries, shoes, uniforms and also pay for their school dues including fees and porridge; these are poor, abandoned and orphaned children and widows / abandoned ladies.

Computer Courses:

Also we helped youths study these computer courses.

Poverty Eradication:

Helping these families with some financial assistance in order to be self reliance.

Disabled People:

Helping them with new tricycles or doing major repairs, sticks, medical and educational help for their children by paying school dues incl fees etc.

Old Aged People:

Helping them with necessary items, medical checkups and medicines, and general welfares.

Disabled Children:

Helping them attain good education, few useful items.


Helping orphans at these orphanages with whatever little we get.

Street Children:

We also try to help street children from time to time.


We help juice, biscuits, bread, soap, etc to needy.


Printing of religious books including children stories books and leaflets occasionally especially during the Holy months of Ramadhaan and Muharram.

Cemeteries :

Br Mustafa Pirmohammad has worked on obtaining names of Marhumeen in few Qabrastans ( cemeteries ) including Bukoba Tanzania, please kindly visit :

Online lectures :

For those who know Kiswahili language ( if you don’t know then please kindly inform someone whom you know that knows Kiswahili language ) can benefit Sawm Masaels and recently we have started stories series, we have completed Prophet Saleh a.s. and People of / As-hab-e-Sabt, Ukhdood and Ras. Please kindly visit :


For your all support and duas for us :
Ahsantum and Jazak….ahsanul Jazaa fiddunya wal Aakhera. Ameen