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Note Plz :

Each and everything is planned and programmed by our ownselves. Preparations and distribution is done by our ownselves and in our own presence. Nothing is done by telling someone ‘do it’.

We have all records and datas and we work accordingly planned and programmed.

Our all photos have dates printed on each and every photo taken.

21st January 2015 Newsletter

Education Report, Latest News, News Letter l


  • Maulud at Buyaga Centre abt 170 kms trip
  • Distributing Solar Lanterns & leather footballs
  • Visiting 2 Orphanages : A & B
  • Educational assistance
  • Abandoned baby
  • Strange disease
  • Cancer patient ( Breast cancer )…urgent appeal
  • Water Well
  • Rice distribution
  • Goat Meat distribution

Alhamd….. every year we are blessed to organize / help Maulud of our Holy and beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa s.a.w.w. in our various Centres in our Region.

This year too, 18 January 2015, we were able to organize Maulud at Buyaga Centre, some 170 kms round trip. We have planned to organize at all Centres. This is 2nd Maulud that means we have done Maulud in 2 Centres out of 6 Centres.

Anybody wishing to contribute any amount, will help make it better. Jazak….

In our Maulud programmes we do invite Shuyukh ( plural of Sheikh ) from other Madhahib like Ahl as-Sunnah wal Jamaat and Ibadhi. We also invite leaders from Christian Communities and Government Officials. All get chance to speak, though for few minutes.

All speak of very good relationship enjoyed by some Muslim Communities especially Shia Ithna-Ashery and Ahl as-Sunnah. They emphasize a lot on unity and cooperation on all matters since all are citizens of this Country.

They too expressed their thanks for being invited by our Shia-Ithna-Ashery African Communities.

All other Shia-Ithna-Ashery African Communities are represented by just their Shuyukh since we cannot afford to meet travel expenses from their respect Centres by few members ( each Centre can cost approximately 50 US $ x 5 = 250 US $ per Maulud transport at any Centre ).

We went a team of 10 people from Bukoba town incl Shk Sulayman Shaaban and myself and 8 ladies being members of our Ladies Union. We left at around 8.30 am and returned at abt 7.15 pm. Soon after Maulud programme, Pilaw was served with juice.

Gift from our side :

We took 6 big size boxes/ctns full of Religious books for our 6 Centres at : Buyaga, Nshamba, ABC Muleba, Karutanga, Kasharunga and Bukoba.

Our ladies took Bath Soap for ladies of Buyaga Centre.

Items used :

These are photos of items we donated to this Centre sometimes back : Amplifier full unit and Solar light full system

Solar Lanterns :

We have distributed Solar Lanterns to our Hawza boys.

We do need more such Solar Lanterns for these poor and orphans.

Therefore its our appeal to Lady Fatemah Trust if they can help us some more.


On 17th January 2015 we visited 2 Orphanages within our Township for distributing Solar Lanterns and leather footballs.

Can you see condition of shoes these ‘orphans’ wear going to School ?

Each pair of pure leather black shoes costs about US $ 15

Educational assistance esp for orphans and poor :

We also try our level best to help these poor, abandoned and orphans children get education be in Primary or Secondary Schools. This year insh…. we have plans to help at least 15 Secondary Students.


On 19th January 2015 we were called by Government Hospital Welfare Officer that they have been handed over an abandoned child of less than 1 month age and they cannot take full care. Therefore they needed our help to drop the baby at ‘babies orphanage’ out of town.

Many babies have died in this Government Hospital in such cases as there are no special units and lack of funds. Therefore Alhamd….. we have saved this baby atleast !

Caring this baby is not FREE :

The orphanage has charges of US $ 50 per month , if this amount is not paid at every month, the child will be returned to Government Hospital. We have paid for 1 month only. Infact we didn’t know if there is monthly payments, we thought it would be free.

Therefore we need your kind assistance in this.

Strange disease :

During our visit Buyaga Centre, we came across these 2 brothers with strange disease. Someone suggested the name as Vitiligo. We are still looking where to get treatment if possible. They are in village and also very poor family i.e. cannot afford treatment.

Breast Cancer patient :

There is one Cancer patient, lady who is very very poor and cannot afford to buy her medicines. Her 1 breast ( right side ) was removed, and these medicines are very urgently needed inorder to save her from spread cancer.

We have been told that these Cancer medicines are very expensive, she needs to buy her Cancer medicines as soon as possible/urgently.

Water Well :

Insh….. in few days’ time we shall start work on drilling Deep Water Well at this Mosque. Water shall be free of charge supplied to all village people.

Its indeed one of Thawab-e-Jaariyah.

Rice Distribution :

We have donated 600 kg of rice at one of our Centre for Hawza boys.

Goat meat distribution :

We do distribute goat meat to needy, poor and orphans and their families. We need 5 goats per week including our Hawza boys. These goat can be of Sadqa, Qubani or Kaffarah or of any legitimate intentions. Each healthy and big size goat costs US $ 40 (incl of all expenses )

How to send your donation :

For our Brothers and Sisters in Canada :

Please kindly be informed that I.H.S. has stopped all funds outside Canada for the time being as they are working on their system. Insh…. will pass to you any updates we get from them.