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Alhamd…. We have undertaken goat slaughtering projects and sent out reports, and we are still continuing to slaughter goats and distribute meat to needy poorer families.

URGENT MEDICAL APPEAL : One very very poor widow :


Hospital Visit, Latest News, News Letter l

Please kindly lets try to save this YOUTH of JUST 17yrs.

Newest details : 9th September 2015

We sent our appeal for the Young man, Youth of 17 yrs on 4th September 2015. We had no choice except send him immediately to Referral Hospital and before that he was taken for CT-Scan at private hospital in Mwanza.


Education, Hospital Visit, Latest News l

Good news for our Elders, Brothers and Sisters in UK.

For all kind hearted and hands, please kindly channel your kind donations as per below details.

Please whenever you make payments please kindly inform us too.

We are pleased to inform that that we have teamed up with Lady Sumayya Humanitarian Aid Foundation based in Birmingham UK to collect funds on our behalf. Remittance can be made by direct transfer into the LSHAF Account with ref EPCW. Bank Details as follows:

Sort Code: 08-60-01
Account No. 20220679
Name: Lady Sumayya Humanitarian Aid Foundation
Registered Charity: 1133281

By Post: Cheques Payable to LSHAF

C/o Shiraz Alloo
410 Fox Hollies Road
Acocks Green
B27 7PY

For our Elders in USA and Canada, please kindly see details at the end of this newsletter

12th March 2015 photos :

Today photos 19th March 2015

Is this a leg of a girl of 9 yrs or a piece of LOG ?


History :

This is the 9 yrs girl from very poor family, studying in STD / Grade 1 in a Primary School, in Bukoba suburbs.

She had gone to visit her aunty in the village interior and was supposed to return on Sunday, the 1st of March 2015. When Sunday arrived, she didn’t come home, her mother thought that the girl will come in a day or two that her aunty might have asked to overstay few days, while she was supposed to go to school on Monday, 2nd March 2015.

So on Tuesday, 3rd March 2015, her mother called her aunty as to why they have not yet sent the girl, she was hesitating to tell her the sad story about what happened to this little angel.

So they had to inform her on 3rd day !. She immediately ran to the village. And brought her daughter.

What they did as a first aid :

The day she was supposed to return home to her mother, 1st March 2015, she was bitten by a poisonous snake on her toe and there in the village the traditional practitioners tied her thighs with a piece of cloth string so that the poison doesn’t move upwards and made few cuts with razor blade so that the poison can be drained.

What went wrong :

This might have been helpful if it was an emergency step that to last few minutes by the time they took her to hospital. But it was not like that !

They tied her thighs to stop blood returning to upper parts of the body, but forgot to think that it at the same time stopped blood to flow downwards. This causes gangrene and results to decaying at this part.

So the same thing started to happen to this little angel, having kept tied for 3 days !

How her mother panicked….

Her mother on arrival saw her little heart swollen whole body ! And she was almost unconscious cannot eat or talk. She told us that she was about to die, but encouraged herself to do whatever she can to save her daughter…. Her piece of heart…. Just little girl of 9 yrs !

Just think what would have been her mother’s condition to see her active, talkative and mischievous little star to lay helpless and pale whole body !

We all ( our team and all patients in the Hospital Ward and staff ) wept when she was explaining us all these….

What she did….

Immediately she brought her to the Orthodox Hospital, expecting that she will get free medical assistance in order to save her daughter who was speechless and like a dead body ( but still alive ).

Unfortunately, she was told that they cannot take her case as it was too late as the poison and infection has already spread further upside of the leg and in a very danger stage.

Since she is very very poor and cannot afford even to hire a taxi, these Hospital staff volunteered to provide transport to our Government Hospital in Bukoba Township.

At our Government Hospital :

This little star, was brought to the Government Hospital at about 2 pm in the afternoon and immediately admitted. They started to put her on drips and antibiotics.

On 2nd day, the 4th March 2015 she could open her eyes and feel hungry and could start to recognize people and her mother.

Leg amputation :

Doctors advised for immediate leg amputation, but her father refused as he still wanted to take this girl to traditional practitioners ( waganga wa kienyeji ) in the village.

This tug of war took 6 more days !

While her condition was still getting worst and worst. Her mother at last had to take tough decision, and agreed to sign the consent paper to ampute her piece of heart ! Really what a tearing moment for a mother !

The family on this issue :

This girl’s father and mother are separated i.e. have divorced. And in this situation, mother, 39 yrs had to work in peoples’ house cleaning, sweeping etc and washing clothes etc and was paid whatever little, she was feeding her 3 children all girls and also getting them education though their uniforms are torn and no school bags or stationeries or shoes.

Now her father though divorced, got angry and said he would not even visit the girl. He lives with other woman. And its true that since she was amputed, he is not seen to have visited the daughter or helped her anything. So cruel father.

Counseling :

We have tried to counsel him and explain him how to overcome these hard moments as the child needs her fathers help, compassionate and help both financial and moral.

But he seems hard nut to crack. Let’s give him sometime….. Things will get to normal….lets pray that.

We supplied required medicines :

We were requested to help them with blood production medicines, we did and then also we supplied other required medicines.


Worst still worst than before…..

She is hospitalized at the Government Hospital since she was admitted.

Today we are told that the girl’s condition is getting worst day by day and she needs blood.

They told us that now they need to cut more part of her effected leg. These news indeed has shocked us very much.

Therefore we immediately contacted Bone Specialists in Mwanza and they saw these photos and confirmed that they might save her from further leg cut if she is sent there immediately even tomorrow !

We can save her leg if yourkindselves can help…..

If yourkindselves can help, we can save her leg…..

If we get help even today then we can send her even tomorrow to Mwanza for operation and treatment which is very very urgent.

We have been quoted to US $ 2765 ( private Doctor and Private Hospital ) covering blood needed, all tests, X-Rays, operation, medicines, hospital supplies, hospitalization abt 10 days to fully recovering, food etc for abt 12 days and a pair of crutches. She might need to be transported by flight from Bukoba to Mwanza ( she and her mother ).

We have to plan for her artificial leg also, therefore if we can add about US $ 300 for her artificial leg and a pair of shoes ( full expenses for this ).

We will have to send with an escort with them i.e. nurse from here to Mwanza.

Therefore grand total comes to 3065 US $. It’s from worst to best !

Therefore it’s very very urgent to help her

Please kindly lets save this little angel from very very poor family.

Doctors will go on cutting leg piece by piece like we cut cake !

She is crying in pain every moment, pain killers make this worst, relief for short while.


19 March 2015 Updates :

Alhamd….. We have started to demolish the existing building then will follow foundation works Insh…. in about next week.

17th March 2015 :

On 18th March 2015

Please kindly support us in this noble work. We all know how important education is. We wish this school to get completed and we start Quran and Religious classes by the holy Month of Ramadhaan al Mubarak.

And give special coaching classes to the poor and orphans and abandoned children.


We would like to draw your kind attention that the Holy month of Ramadhaan al Mubarak 2015 is just approaching us, and we have less than 100 days.

Therefore please lets kindly start our Spiritual and physical preparations.

Without forgetting poor ( children and families ), abandoned ( children and women ) and Orphans ( single or both parents ).

We should start to give out financial assistance for them so that we can help them food ration baskets / packages ( rice, sugar, beans, wheat flour, maize flour, cooking oil, dagaa, iodized salt, tea leaves, soap. And if we get more funds we can add some milk powder ).

We can also give them meat and used clothes to both adults and children.

Indeed these are few among many best actions especially during the Holy month.

We will insh…. send you Sermon of our Holy Prophet s.a.w.w.


Since are going to start this School with Special Coaching Classes and Madrassah.

We need also Madrassah books to start with syllabus till they reach the age of 18 yrs when they will be qualified as Muballighs as they will know much of Religions in Fiqh, Akhlaq, History and Qur’an.

We urgently need to buy at least 300 copies of books i.e. Akhlaq, Fiqh, History and Quran from Dsm at the cost of each 3.7 US $ each set of 4 subject.

Therefore please kindly help us use these books. These books are one of the best books.



Musallah and Chadors and Maknas :

We have Alhamd…. Received today 7 pcs Musallah and Namaaz Chadors and maknas which shall be soon distributed.


Education, Hospital Visit, News Letter l

We do and try to help many patients with small issues / cases from time to time with what little we have from our time to time hospital visits.

Youn man broken leg bone treated :

In our 16th December 2014 we had appealed for this youngman’s treatment of broken leg bone. And on 1st January 2015 we presented his major operation reports and results.

He was hospitalized at our Bukoba Government Hospital for over one month’s period of time with no solution to his broken bone.

They put him on POP but it did more harm as his 2 pcs ( broken ) bones joined sideways instead of aligning with each other. Thus making his 1 long shorter that the other.

So when we were there in the Hospital dealing with Zuhura’s case, this yougman cried before us for help saying that he might have to spend over 3 months in this Government Hospital.

We thought it wise to help this youngman inorder to save his life from dissability. So we talked with Specialists in Mwanza. And his operation was to be undertaken immediately.

Few metals were inserted to join his bones and he started to walk within 4 days after his operation. Just imagine !



This patient arrived Bukoba on 27 December 2014 and these are his photos

While in Bugando Hospital in Mwanza:

4th FEBRUARY 2015

NOW / TODAY: 4th February 2015

Today 4th February 2015 he visited us and he was able to climb stairs.


Today we feel happy to have helped this yougman otherwise he would have been dissabled. Soon he will stand on his feet and earn bread for his family.

This is how yourkind help works miraculously.

External Disk / Drive :

There are several requests from Religious Institutions and Shuyukh ( plural of Sheikh or Mawlana ) for E-Religious Books. We have over 8,000 books which can get in 2 TB External Hard drive / Disk.

Therefore anybody who wishes to assist us in propagating our True Religion, can help us buy 2 TB External drive ? Disks, which are available at approximately at US $ 150 each.
Copying all books is done freely by us.
We need about 12 of these 2 TB Hard drive / Disks.


Education, Hospital Visit, News Letter l

Note please :

We would like to inform yourkindselves that we do not receive or have not yet received any financial assistance from any Oganization or Rotary Club or Lions Club. Whereas some others do receive from many sources.

We are totally depending on what we are helped by Mumineen.

What we need most :

We want to make sure all poor people with problems that have approached us with geniune cases, MUST get help right from now to see these Specialists on 16th February 2015 otherwise it will be too late to save them from worst.

shocking bone cases

case no. 1 :

From the X-ray below you can see how bones are seen in the right hand.
How does he live in this state ? Indeed it’s difficult to answer as only he knows.

But we can help him live a normal life and still he has good chance of good bone growth and better recovery.

This is an orphan ( both parents passed away ) boy of 18 yrs. with no one to help him and he personally cannot work, village people help him. We met him yesterday and also had met him sometimes back.

Since he got these injuries, he is trying to get assistance, but has not been able to get help for major operation of his right hand.

Unfortunately he could not continue with Schooling, since no one is there to meet his school expenses.

His treatment has to start immediately, as soon as from Monday 2nd February 2015 and get registered for 16th February 2015.

Right time to help him meet a team of specialists on 16th February 2015:

We need to help this young boy of 18 yrs. get operated by a team of Specialists on 16th February 2015, otherwise his treatment will not be possible for quite sometimes to come and cost will be much higher.

Contacted Bone Specialists today 31st January 2015:

Having contacted Bone Specialist, today, 31st January 2015

  • Checking pre-operation
  • Registration
  • Hospitalization
  • x-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Metals are very expensive
  • Full major operation
  • Medicines
  • Food and other charges for all this period of time
  • ( Also fares Bukoba to Mwanza back to Bukoba).

Case no. 2 : Clavicle Fracture (Broken Collarbone)


The collarbone (clavicle) is located between the ribcage (sternum) and the shoulder blade (scapula), and it connects the arm to the body.

The clavicle lies above several important nerves and blood vessels. However, these vital structures are rarely injured when the clavicle breaks, even though the bone ends can shift when they are fractured.


The clavicle is a long bone and most breaks occur in the middle of it. Occasionally, the bone will break where it attaches at the ribcage or shoulder blade.


Clavicle fractures are often caused by a direct blow to the shoulder. This can happen during a fall onto the shoulder or a car collision. A fall onto an outstretched arm can also cause a clavicle fracture. In babies, these fractures can occur during the passage through the birth canal.


Clavicle fractures can be very painful and may make it hard to move your arm. Additional symptoms include:

  • Sagging shoulder (down and forward)
  • Inability to lift the arm because of pain
  • A grinding sensation if an attempt is made to raise the arm
  • A deformity or “bump” over the break
  • Bruising, swelling, and/or tenderness over the collarbone.

Surgical Treatment

If your bones are out of place (displaced), your doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery can align the bones exactly and hold them in good position while they heal. This can improve shoulder strength when you have recovered.

These photos explain clearly ( from Google bcoz our X Ray is not clear ):


About this lady :

This is the lady who is an active member of our African Community at our Centre. Unfortunately she was knocked by a speeding taxi, and fainted on the spot. Kind people took her to a nearby hospital and now she needs our help to get treatment which she cannot afford. She is 45 yrs. And has 4 small children & 1 orphan child to look after and educate them. She is the only bread earner in her small family. She is abandoned by her husband.

At the Government hospital she is given pain killer and nothing else whereas she needs one of the major operation with so many metals etc. in order to raise the Clevicular broken bone since 1 bone is broken into 2 pieces bent downwards.

Her treatment to start immediately :

Her treatment has to start immediately on Monday, the 2nd February 2015 and then she will undergo major operation on 16th February 2015 otherwise things would be worst.


Baby case

Today we were informed about a baby who lost her arm. Doctors say that the baby, now abt 1 month, had his hand twisted around his neck causing gangrene, where its detached. Mother is 20 yrs. old.

Unfortunately medicine / cream prescribed is very very expensive which this baby’s poor mother cannot afford to buy, thus infection etc. problems to be protected against. Therefore we supplied her with 1 tube of 50 g which will help this little angel for few days. She has come with bags directly to the hospital.

What help they need :

Backbone problems :

We have one lady from our Ladies Union at our Centre who had very sad accident story.
Many a times people travel from one place to the other in a sharing taxis. She too was travelling in one taxi with other people when all of sudden their taxi burst and was thrown up and then landed upside down. Driver died on the spot while all other passengers collapsed with multiple injuries from minor to major.

This lady suffered :

Injuries on face, head, hand and backbone.

Treatment :

She was taken to hospital and was admitted for 2 weeks, was just on painkillers. Was discharged as there were no further treatment for her available at the Government Hospital.

After sometimes when pain was increasing she tried to go to Mugana Mission Hospital where Doctor strongly advised her to go Dsm Muhimbili Hospital to see bone specialists.

There are MRI and CT Scan facilities, whereas here there is nothing except poor X-Ray machines with no expert / specialist.

Problems :

She couldn’t go DSM due to financial problems. Due to backbone problems she has problems in her both legs from thighs to toes as there are many many veins and nerves, etc.

If we get this amount we can get her checked and put in the list of patients to see panel of Specialists on 16th February 2015 and if still problem is not solved, will have to go to Mwanza or DSM Muhimbili Hospital for may be MRI or CT Scan etc

Bone jigsaw Youngman treatment started :

This is the bone jigsaw man, his treatment has stated as per instruction of Specialists. He could have not walked or travelled without back slab pop. He will undergo major operation.



Lady with Cancer :

We are able to help this lady with a full dose of these very very expensive medicines, she could have never been able to buy them and save / prolong her life. Any news, will give.

Abandoned baby :

We are in contact with this baby case and working closely with Government Hospital formalities. We will make sure nothing happens to this baby under our care whom we have named Baraka.


With yourkind heart and support , so far we have 7 patients to be seen and treated / operated by Panel of Specialists on 16 February 2015.

Already approved :





Pending : help / funds needed ( above details )





Rice Distribution :

Today Alhamd….. we donated 1000 kgs of rice to our Hawza boys.

Can you donate RICE ?

Now we do not have any stock of rice for distribution. Any Mumeen or Mominah wishing to donate may please kindly help. This rice helps so many poor families with orphans and abandoned children n ladies.

You may help them through donation, sadqa and even Sawm ( Fast ) Kaffarah

Each bag of rice costs US $ 57 ( bag of 50 kgs ) inclusive of all expenses

Desktop Computer full Unit :

We are very much happy and thankful to one of our Momin Brother for donating this full unit of following specifications : Dell OptiPlex 3020, dual Core, 500 gb hard disk, 4 gb memory and 18.5 tft screen/monitor and 1 unit of external hard disk of 1 Tb.

Indeed this is a great step forward to work better and free of jams and getting stuck middle of work thus loosing work.

Indeed we do not have any words to express our thanks except DUAS…. we say as usual Ahsantum n jazak….. ahsanul jazaa fiddunya wal Aakhera. Ameen

We shall insh…. receive in about a week’s time, this is likely photos :

Therefore :

Any Momin brother or sister wishing to help either of them either fully or any amount, plz kindly inform us and make necessary arrangements to send funds.

Our photos and Newsletters :

All photos have date stamps and our all Newsletters have dates. As for few photos of past dates may be brought forward to backup on going story. Otherwise we have photos of the time of undertaking project.

Goat Meat :

We supply 16 to 20 goats’ meat per month to our Hawza Students.

We also slaughter goats and supply meat to poor and abandoned families ( including poor children, orphans and abandoned children and ladies ) about 160 families benefit from this meat distribution.

If we get more goats of Sadqa, Qurbani or Kaffarah, then we can help these poor families have meat at once in a while or once or twice in a month.

Each big size goat whose meat and intestines weigh upto 15 kgs costs US $ 40.

Our goats are selected ones. This price is inclusive of all expenses i.e. buying, slaughtering, cleaning, cutting, packing n distribution. And paying Local Government taxes and Vetenary Doctor / inspection.


Hospital Visit, Latest News l


Miladun-Nabi s.a.w.w.

We would wish to celebrate 17th Rabbiul Awwal this year, in one of our Centre, requests financial assistance of US $ 315

your kind attention please : Our Desktop Computer :

Please kindly we appeal for one full unit of desktop computer for our activities and Tabligh work is done also. We hope yourkindselves will help us work much better and faster.