Specs for a Boy


Specs for a Boy l

We have a student from our Centre who could not attend school just because he could not read what was written on the notice board. So he had to stay at home.

When we learnt about the problem, we tried our level best to contact few of our Brothers in faith. USA and Canada. Those whom we contacted were ready to help either buy online and send us while others said to pay for it from wherever I get them.

I remembered Hussein bhai Datoo of DSM, who was past editor of Africa Federation’s SAMACHAR. Unfortunately, when I sent him an email, his address had changed, and then I requested one of Murabbisaheb who lives in DSM to contact Hussein bhai and convey my message.

Hussein bhai on getting my message, immediately contacted me and I sent him specs specifications.
Believe me or not, Hussein bhai was shocked to read nos.