Poverty Eradication

In a society, we have to join hands in helping each other inorder to eradicate poverty and enable others live at least normal or better life. By this way they will be able to meet their daily means.

Thus we have to enable them have some knowledge or ability to earn and spend for themselves including food, clothing, rent, water and electricity bills etc and pay for their childrens’ school fees, stationeries etc ( all school needs ).

Alhamd….we have tried our level best in this matter.

  • Small Scale Industries, entrepreneurs, soap and chalk making etc (twice )
  • Ghanthia and Sevian making etc
  • Mujibu financial assistance
  • Food ration packages distribution
  • Clothes distribution
  • Assistance to students…to ease some tension in the family

Future plans:

  • To help in agriculture
  • Goat keeping
  • Poultry
  • Cooking
  • Small kiosk / vendors
  • Chai and snacks kiosks

For full reports and much more please kindly read in our website : www.epcw.org