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Goat Sadqa, Aqeeqah or Qurbani: US $ 40

Our newsletters:

We send to yourkindselves our newsletters only when we undertake projects, inorder to inform yourkindselves what we are doing at this end ON YOUR BEHALF.

We have not at any time sent other newsletters or any mail apart from our own newsletters.

Therefore please kindly do not feel bad when you get our Newsletters in your Inbox, we need your kind Duas for all poor families that comprises of widows, abandoned women and children who are orphans and abandoned.


4th DECEMBER 2016:

Alhamd… we have distributed assistance to our own poor African Community and earthquake affected families with:

  • Goat meat
  • Sugar
  • Islamic Calendars 1438 Hijriyyah

We wish to help these families, but due to short of funds we are not able to help them the amount that can be helpful to them. They are facing so many problems/hardships that need money.

We are working on everything ON YOUR BEHALF.

We get some disabled ladies who also have families, come for our assistances.

27th NOVEMBER 2016:





13th NOVEMBER 2016:


Our School for Poor, Orphans and Abandoned students

Alhamd…. Classes are going on with Religious education.

We hope yourkindselves will assist us through SPONSORING A STUDENT i.e. Girl

Our school has a very powerful solar light system and full automatic street light that switches itself at night and gets off on sunrise.

  • Our classes from 6 pm will go on till 10 pm ( at night ) for boys.
  • And for those who will learn Quran recitations and tafsir after Maghribain Prayers.

Appeal for providing education to these Girls:

We please kindly appeal to yourkindselves to sponsor as many Girls as you can so that we can be able to educate them in both Religious and Secular knowledge.

We will insh…. send you details of a Girl student whom you have sponsored and all other details and how she progresses.

Each Girl can be sponsored for full studies i.e. full year US $ 180 Our School classes can take upto 180 Girls.

Please kindly lets know how many Girl-Students will yourkindselves sponsor.

Our School Girl Students received on 27 11 2016:

Our Secondary ( O-Level ) Girl students received Cash, Dates, Sugar and Meat.

These girls are grown up, therefore we have to see their small small needs, they may not be getting money from their parents especially in these difficult times when they themselves need help to help their families. These girls are very very happy to see that we have helped them.

Therefore if possible we should try to help them with small amount of cash at least once every month so that they can fulfill their small needs.

Tarpaulins appeal:

We still kindly appeal for tarpaulins for these earthquake affected families.

We thank one Momin brother ( and his kind wife ) to offer us few tarpaulins.

Even if we get 10 pcs of tarpaulins per person, its ok. At the end of the day, we will Insh… have many tarpaulins to help these poor families. We need at least 200 or more tarpaulins.

Each good quality tarpaulins at our end costs approximately 18 US $ and are available at any day we can buy from dealer.

If we get in this week, then Insh… we can distribute them on 11th December 2016

Cash assistance :

Unfortunately we have run out of cash to help them.
Everybody needs some financial assistance in order to buy few essentials including medicines, food, utensils, clothes and children books, uniforms etc.

We are sure yourkindselves can try to see what and what they need in these hard times.
We can help each and every family in our African Community whatever yourkindselves can help.

Alhamd…. We are trying to help these poor and helpless families from time to time especially in these hard times. We therefore kindly appeal for yourkindselves to help us with more goats of Sadqa, Kaffarah etc. so that we can keep on helping these poor families especially in these hard times. We can help over 200 families.

Food ration packages / baskets costs each approx. US 25 $

We can help these families with rice, maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, salt, beans, dagaa ( dried small fish), sugar, soap, toothpaste, tomatoes, potatoes, onion…. All these at just US $ 25 for each family per week at least.

About these families:

These are poor families with widows, abandoned ladies, sick, old people, disabled members. Also orphans and abandoned children.

Earthquake families still living is worst conditions:

We have tried our level best to help our own African Community with whatever we can like mostly cash so that they can do little by little repairs in their broken or shaken houses due to earthquake that shook our town on 10th September 2016.

We have tried to visit few of our own African families, indeed its heart burning situation to see them still in this worst condition.

What they need:

They need our assistance mainly about 10 bags cement, few iron bars, corrugated iron sheets, sand and labour charges to pay local builders.

Therefore whatever yourkindselves can help them, will be highly appreciated.

Our Ladies are attending our all Majalis, including Azadari and also Friday Prayers.

We are only talking of our African Community, not outsiders, otherwise number would be infinite. We can help our own African Community upto 200 families..

They also need financial assistance for their small small requirements, especially in these hard time.

If they get at least 100 US $, it will make great difference in their structures and will ensure safe home.

School Chalk making :

Today we had special class, teaching on how to make SCHOOL CHALKS in order to try to help these families in alleviating poverty. There is good market and it’s a profitable also.

We have helped these families in the past, on how to make liquid soap, soap bars, disinfectant, shampoo, etc. etc. they have also obtained certificates but lack funds to start manufacturing these at home, though there is very good market of these items.

Since this was the first time we tried to make, with little gypsum powder, it seems some mixing mistake was there. But it’s encouraging thing to see how simple and almost costless project.

A chalk making machine from China would cost at approx 700 US $.

Mango pickle making :

Today we had special class, teaching on how to make mango pickle in order to try to help these families in alleviating poverty. There is good market and it’s a profitable also.

We have helped these families in the past, on how to make liquid soap, soap bars, disinfectant, shampoo, etc. etc. they have also obtained certificates but lack funds to start manufacturing these at home, though there is very good market of these items.

Infact mango pickle was so tasty that everyone enjoyed and will try either to make masala at home or buy ready made masala in the grocery shop.

We taught them both mango pickles: day to day use and one to store for longer period of time.


We also taught them on how to make home made Vicks vapour rub. Since our town gets colder as we get rains every now and then as we are almost at Equator line. Therefore cold and joint pains are common here, hopefully will help.

We also told them to boil water with fresh eucalyptus leaves and have bath at last, this will also help in many ways.

Dates ( tende ) distribution:

We have Alhamd… distributed Dates to these families.


Somebody may think that we have so many accounts, therefore funds may be pouring from all corners, well its not the case. We are hardly getting assistance, lets say once in a while and even that is for either specific purpose. And we cannot change the intended funds for any other work. Therefore please kindly do not have the notion that someone might have given/donated, please kindly help and you all get reports with photos of our all undertakings.

King’s story in brief:

There was a king who told his people to pour one cup of milk in a pond at night time. Everybody said that someone must have poured milk in the pond, so even if I don’t go it won’t make any difference. In the morning when king and all people came to the pond, were surprised to see either only little or none at all milk poured in the pond !

Habil and Qabil’s offerings:

It should not be like what happened when Habil and Qabil, children of Hadhrat Adam a.s. when they put they offerings before His Almighty’s pleasure. Habil put best items while Qabil had put bad items. Allah swt accepted Habil’s offerings !


We select healthy ( not skinny ) and fit and big size goats that weigh between 13 to 15 kgs so that each goat can help about 6 to 7 families. After slaughtering and removing skin, we weigh each and every goat ( hardly other do by weight, many simply buy goats even of 6 or 7 kgs, and one of the reason is that they are not supervising or are not involved personally).

Therefore we request for each got 40 US $. When we want to give, we can always give something good or better if not best, and indeed we are giving for the pleasure of Allah swt.


We also distributed Islamic Calendars 1438 to these families.