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Goat Sadqa, Aqeeqah or Qurbani: US $ 40

Our School for Poor, Orphans and Abandoned students

We have Alhamd…. Resumed our Special Coaching Classes for girls who are in Secondary Schools i.e. O-Level with special Coaching Classes in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Of course as a compulsory our Religious teachings :

  • Quran
  • Arabic language
  • Fiqh
  • Akhlaq
  • Tarikh etc.

Insh…. will send a special SCHOOL NEWSLETTER in few days.

We hope yourkindselves will assist us through SPONSORING A STUDENT i.e. Girl
Each Girl can be sponsored for full studies :

  • each month US $ 15
  • ( and for full year US $ 180 )

Our School classes can take upto 180 Girls.

Please kindly lets know how many Girl-Students will yourkindselves sponsor.

DISTRIBUTION 6th November 2016:

Alhamd… we have distributed assistance to our own poor African Community and earthquake affected families with:

  • Goat meat 2 kgs
  • Sugar
  • Cash 20,000/=

We have spent total Tanzanian Shillings 3 millions as you can see in the photos.
Indeed these poor families need more help, if yourkindselves wish to help them, we welcome with both open hands. They are facing so many problems/hardships that need money.

We are working on everything ON YOUR BEHALF.


During this period of time, we have tried to help few people who needed artificial legs.

  • 1 young lady needed 1 leg
  • 1 young man needed 1 leg
  • 1 man needed both legs

Alhamd… all these 3 people got their legs and have gone to their home towns / villages quite far from Bukoba Township i.e. 2 days travel by bus.

We will send more photos as we get from their home villages.





We have more patients who need financial help as there is nothing free of charge in these Mission Hospitals though their charges are low as compared to other Hospitals.

Therefore the more we get assistance the more patients who are poor can be helped.

Our helps so far:

Alhamd…. We started to extend our help to these poor, abandoned and earthquake affected families on these dates ( Clothes, Goat meat, Sugar and Cash ), though we do every now and then:

  • 10th September 2016 ( the day earthquake shook out town )
  • 11th September 2016
  • 15th September 2016
  • 18th September 2016
  • 22nd September 2016
  • 25th September 2016
  • 2nd October 2016
  • 9th October 2016
  • 16th October 2016
  • 6th November 2016

Also we have helped in other ways:

Also we have extended our assistance through Tabarruk, bread buns and Juice during these 11 days of Ashra-e-Muharram, over 300 participants on daily basis.

Financial assistance ( any amount is great help) :

Everybody needs some financial assistance in order to buy few essentials including medicines, food, utensils, clothes and children books, uniforms etc.

We are sure yourkindselves can try to see what and what they need in these hard times.
We can help each and every family in our African Community whatever yourkindselves can help.

Alhamd…. We are trying to help these poor and helpless families from time to time especially in these hard times. We therefore kindly appeal for yourkindselves to help us with more goats of Sadqa, Kaffarah etc. so that we can keep on helping these poor families especially in these hard times. We can help over 200 families.

Food ration packages / baskets costs each approx. US 25 $

We can help these families with rice, maize and wheat flour, cooking oil, salt, beans, dagaa ( dried small fish), sugar, soap, toothpaste, tomatoes, potatoes, onion…. All these at just US $ 25 for each family per week at least.

We can also help them with some cash.

About these families:

These are poor families with widows, abandoned ladies, sick, old people, disabled members. Also orphans and abandoned children.

Few photos to remember :

One might think these are food sellers in the streets, very sad to say that our Darsa Ladies and their families are staying in these during the day and night !

An opportunity not to miss :

Here is an opportunity to remember all our Marhumeen during these Holy months with the following:

  • Sponsor Qur’an Shariff (Arabic) : $ 7 each copy
  • Sponsor Qur’an Shariff (Translated) : $ 10 each copy
  • Sponsor Juzuu ‘Amma : $ 2 ( for 4 copies )
  • Sponsor Islamic / Hijri 1437 Calendars : $ 2
  • Fidya Sawms ( rojas )
  • Khitma of Quran: $ 25
  • Goat Sadqa or Qurbani: $ 40